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Will you give approximate move times?

Yes, we do have bankcard services available. A small service fee will apply for the convenience. Credit card payment arrangements need to be made in advance of your move day.

Do you accept credit cards?

No, provided there are no changes to the original, guaranteed price quote. If there are changes, after the driver goes over the delivery contract and adjustments, you will need to pay the driver cash, certified check, or money order. Our cash price is one of the lowest in the country. Rather than penalize our cash clients we choose to keep our prices low.

Are there any additional costs once I schedule my move?

We recommend you do not cut off your utilities until the day after your move. Utility companies will provide service at both locations the day of your move when requested.

When should I cut off my utilities (heat, air & phone)?

Boxes must be packaged properly, please have them secured. Mark boxes "Fragile" which contain fragile items. All pictures and glass must be packaged for transport. We are not responsible for damage if items are not packaged, delivered and unpacked by Americas Best Moving System. Label your boxes to save you time. Mark "Upstairs" on the boxes if you need them taken upstairs. Make sure the boxes are full and taped properly to prevent crushing when they are stacked during transport. Clothing may be left in dresser drawers however, no fragile items, books, firearms, currency, or jewelry should be removed. 4 drawer file cabinets must be emptied for safe transport. Please make sure items are taken apart and are ready to transport, unless you've made prior arrangements for disassembly and assembly to be completed by Americas Best Moving System. Examples: beds, desks, washer, dryer, ice makers, mirror on dressers. Additional charges will apply when tools are required for assembly and disassembly.

What are your requirements on packing my own boxes?

Yes, we have a complete line of moving boxes and supplies available. We hope your move day goes smoothly. Please call in advance if you choose to use Americas Best Moving System for assembly and disassembly.

Do you provide packing supplies and services?



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Yes, we do give approximate moving times. There are circumstances that will not allow time schedules to be kept. Arrangements can be made for us to call approximately ½ hour in advance for someone to meet the movers. Someone must be available to the movers at all times and we need a contact phone number all day to reach you. You may call to see if we are on schedule the day of your move.